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Web Development Services – Make a Stronger Statement Online
The online presence of a brand is more essential than ever before. Pick up any consumer study and you will know that more customers and users are looking for products and services online. Without a website that speaks clearly and authoritatively about your brand, your consumers are more likely to be lost for reference. Opton Infocom Services recognizes this need among several clients. When we do online lead generation, we often find the website not looking up to the standards needed. That is when we decided to get a web development team together. The aim of this department is simple: we build quality websites for our clients. With the help of these websites, the online business of our client gets a huge boost.
Our team of web designers is aware of the needs of a website that is being primarily built for sales lead generation. The designs will take into account the needs of a website that is attuned to search engine optimization methods. For example, our web designers keep away the unnecessary Flash introductions and heavy images that increase the loading time of the website. Similarly, we keep easy to navigate links on the web page. Customers must have a smooth experience when they are surfing around your website. In terms of content, we use crisp, lucid language. We are in favor of using information and statistics when needed. We don’t bog down the reader or visitor with data that they don’t need to know.
Website development is also about programming. We have a crack team of programmers who know how to construct websites that can be used for brand promotion and marketing online. We have easy-to-use lead generation forms. We are careful about the data that we collect from our websites. Our websites are programmed in a way that makes it easy for search engine crawlers of Google, Yahoo or Bing to pick them up easily. We keep things very user-friendly. We realize that the Internet is a medium for the impatient. We don’t want to waste the Internet time of our users and visitors.
Here are some salient features of our web development team:
Plan and build quality websites for information and marketing
Superior designing and content that appeal to your business network
SEO-friendly design and layout
Improved programming for better lead generation and data collection
Easy navigation in the websites
Use of Web 2.0 tools like Face book and Twitter links to cultivate online traffic
Tracking system for better sales lead generation
Email marketing facilities
Customer service through emails, comments and online chat
Superior website designing, programming and navigation for a user-friendly experience
Develop user interface prototypes
Plan out the solution architecture
Remove bugs and logical errors in the programming
Develop applications for mobile devices like Smart phone, Blackberry, I-PAD and I-Phone

A website is as good as the user finds it to be. Opton Infocom Services does not depend on gimmicks and flashy designs to grab the eyeball. We believe in making websites that users find convenient and easy to work on. Our programmers and web designers keep the website navigation easy on the eye. Our user interface is created after many brainstorming sessions. We keep our target users in mind while choosing the color palette and the location of various web links. We are not in favor of making a cluttered website. We believe in the power of the white space and our designers know that too much emphasis is no emphasis at all!
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Current Openings With Us

Opton Infocom Rising ...

Opton Infocom completed glorious 7 years on 10/09/2018 and we are glad to inform that we have expanded our business out of Kolkata as well.

Now Opton Infocom is in Siliguri with more than 50 seater International BPO within the heart of the Town.

Current Opening with us:

1. Customer Care Executive

2. Closers and Supervisors

3. Accountant

4. IT Tech

Opton Infocom has successfully completed 1 year in Siliguri and many more are coming....