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Product or Service Promotion- Dedicated Service Maximizing Results

Product promotion involves informing, reminding and persuading the customers to buy a particular product or service. Opton Infocom provides exclusive product promotional support to customers through teleservices.
Product promotion is a key feature generally aimed to create a strong foundation of a newly launched product of a company. It involves diverse functions like informing, persuading and reminding your targeted customers to select a particular product or service. The entire promotional activity has to get carefully handled as it is directly through this action that your own product or service is launched in the market.
The diverse promotional tools involved in product promotion generally emerge to be a promotional mix in any given organization. These include public relations, sales promotion, advertising, direct selling and personal selling. Sales promotion is directed to utilize different incentive techniques so as to structure the programs related to sales. It is a successful approach to add instant customer sales.
Why Opton Infocom Services?
Based solely on the individual requirement of our clients, Opton Infocom Services has come up with its finely-tailored product or service promotion. Our product promotion services are fully integrated to reach out to more and more customers at a time. This is how Opton Infocom Services helps clients to build up a solid customer base.
Opton Infocom Services has developed its own solution based approach. Their advanced approach is an essential part of their customer care programs. It is through their product campaign that meeting the e-commerce and the telephonic needs become much easier. Our integrated promotional programs stand effective in the way of launching a new product and also to build awareness of the same.

Product or Service Promotion at Opton Infocom Services

Opton Infocom Services offers exclusive product promotion support to the customers. The product campaign is carried out through the tele-services operated at their call centers. We help to generate new customers creating excitement and awareness for a new service or product of the clients.
Opton Infocom includes state-of-art infrastructure enabling all companies associated with us to be well-assured of our solutions based approach. The outbound calls made to customers from our call centers include service or product promotional messages. These messages are in accordance with the individual product promotion strategies of our client companies.
Our well-prepared outbound call center units offer product or service solutions that can be finely designed as per the requirements of our clients belonging to different sectors. The well-equipped representatives offer fully integrated product and service information with the aim to acquire more customers and to build a stronger base of customers.

Opton Infocom Services helps in generating the momentum to add new customers by spreading awareness and excitement for the new products of our clients. All outbound calls offer promotional service or product messages that are directed to the target audience of the company. We work to maintain consistency between the product messages and the promotion strategies of a client company.
Product Promotion Services by Opton Infocom include:

  • Product hot lines
  • Outcome research
  • Product advisory notices
  • Product recalls
  • Line Extension Introductions
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After facing a mountain of hurdles last month, the company has successfully achieved a major milestone. It is now at par with its Providend Fund, ESI, & P-Tax Compliance.

All credit for this goes to the Director, Asst. Manager, and Jr. Accountant who teamed up and burned the midnight oil for the entire month to ensure that the employees covered under PF, ESI & P-Tax are taken care of.

Rewards & Recognition!.

Congratulations to the Web Team for achieving yet another milestone. The Product Analysis Report is up and running in the company's CRM.

Congratulations to the Lead Generation Team for their consistency.

The Operations & IT-Tech Team efforts have always been commendable.

Hope the Operations Team enjoyed their day out at the movies this month.