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Market Research and Survey:
Market research is essential to gather vital information and current market trends, buying pattern of customers, competitors and potential area of growth. We offer extensive research services which enable you to attain business excellence.
Consistently Innovative-Bringing Best Business Outcome Market Research makes an essential way to collect crucial information on the changing market trends, finding potential areas of growth, mapping customer behavior, buying patterns and competitors. Now a company carries out market research for several purposes. They may conduct a research to find what the people need, want and also what they believe. Market research for a company may also involve unfolding how a company can act for marketing any particular product or service. Focus group, surveys, questionnaires, discussions are considered some of the commonly used instruments for the market research. The surveys may provide the information that your own company requires to be one of the best choices among your targeted consumers. This is where the importance of the call center technology comes. The latest call center techniques are developed to help you to become the right choice for your customers. Advancements in call center services have also led to the inclusion of improved etiquettes that will bring you quality service in all respect. How Does Opton Infocom Services Help You? Opton Infocom Services emphasize on the individual needs of the customers. With the use of proven call center skills, we have embarked on offering your market research and survey. Our integrated call centre and tele-service campaigns are gradually becoming one direct route to ensure business success. Opton Infocom Services puts emphasis on each survey. As surveys hold a great importance for any kind of business, our call centers include skillfully undertaken resources to complete the job. Our experienced team undertakes the market surveys through the outbound call centres. Experience Diverse Surveys at Opton Infocom Services! Opton Infocom excels in offering different forms of surveys. These include telephonic surveys, employee research, one- to- one surveys, written surveys and product surveys. Market research and surveys prove to be one significant part of the business process. It is often found critical to comprehend one’s own area of functioning thoroughly. This can only be done if you select the right call center technology. Opton Infocom works in the direction towards analyzing and collecting important information. Our call centre service contributes in offering a better understanding of the consumers to help in the marketing programs of the client and offering a marketing niche. The Opton Infocom market research helps in offering important information and guiding with their advanced business strategy. Market Research Techniques at Opton Infocom Services: Analyzing the findings presenting the findings Defining the research objectives and problems collecting information setting up one research plan we are renowned for our specialized customer support services. While at work, we try to maintain and involve our technical expertise, responsiveness, thorough analysis to bring you reliable and valuable market research information that can mark your marketing success.
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Current Openings With Us

Opton Infocom Rising ...

Opton Infocom completed glorious 7 years on 10/09/2018 and we are glad to inform that we have expanded our business out of Kolkata as well.

Now Opton Infocom is in Siliguri with more than 50 seater International BPO within the heart of the Town.

Current Opening with us:

1. Customer Care Executive

2. Closers and Supervisors

3. Accountant

4. IT Tech

Opton Infocom has successfully completed 1 year in Siliguri and many more are coming....