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Market Analysis To Boost Sales Charts
Market Intelligence Services is among the new outbound call center services that we have. We felt the need to include this among our call center services because telemarketing is dependent on branding. When we are working with established brands, we have noted a better lead generation process. Things become tough when the brand is not well-established. Our Market Intelligence Services study the market trends. We analyze and check what will work in the market and how the client’s products/services conform to that. We make suggestions to the clients to alter price tags or their target demographics should we find it necessary. Our aim is to help our client build up a stronger brand position in the market.


IOpton Infocom Services has offer market surveys to various clients over the years for lead generation and telemarketing support. Our experience in that field has immensely helped when we started off with Market Intelligence Survey. We provide the client with insights about the market. We have authentic and credible sources of information. Based on our market observations, the client can build up their brands. Our Market Intelligence Services save time and other resources for the clients. We conduct surveys, create customer awareness and also manage customer accounts. Market intelligence data is what your business needs and we provide that to you.


What We Do For You:
  • Offer ideas to clients about potential customers and how to convert leads into sales
  • Our Market Intelligence Services include brand equity search, customer satisfaction analysis, sales forecasting and advertising research
  • Use superior BPO technology for real time telemarketing campaigns
  • Offer online marketing support through social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), viral marketing and pay per click marketing
  • Advise on critical and complicated lead generation campaigns
Why You Need Us:
Opton Infocom Services is your best bet when it comes to outsourcing your Market Intelligence Services requirement to an outbound call center company. There are various reasons why you need us. Here are a few:
  • We work under strict confidentiality codes. The database and knowledge that clients share with us remain between us. No third party is allowed access to data, statistics or any information
  • Opton Infocom Services employs an experienced workforce. Our outbound call center team is packed with agents who have worked long enough in the BPO sector to deliver the best possible
  • We turn things around in the shortest time span possible. While keeping the quality of call center services intact, we optimize our processes to deliver well before schedule
  • We customize business solutions to suit the needs of individual clients. We realize that business networks are different and one size fits all is an obsolete concept
  • When it comes to quality in telemarketing, lead generation or customer service, you need to look no further than Opton Infocom Services
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After facing a mountain of hurdles last month, the company has successfully achieved a major milestone. It is now at par with its Providend Fund, ESI, & P-Tax Compliance.

All credit for this goes to the Director, Asst. Manager, and Jr. Accountant who teamed up and burned the midnight oil for the entire month to ensure that the employees covered under PF, ESI & P-Tax are taken care of.

Rewards & Recognition!.

Congratulations to the Web Team for achieving yet another milestone. The Product Analysis Report is up and running in the company's CRM.

Congratulations to the Lead Generation Team for their consistency.

The Operations & IT-Tech Team efforts have always been commendable.

Hope the Operations Team enjoyed their day out at the movies this month.