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Follow up Leads for Better Sales Growth
The jobs of call center agents are distinguished and differentiated. In the lead generation cycle, there are various stages, as in any other BPO process. After a lead has passed through those processes, the lists of verified leads are passed to the sales team. The sales team could be in-house or outsourced to a call center. Between these two stages, that is between the lead passing from the telemarketing department to the sales desk, there may be a leakage. The leads may go dead because of delay, or the prospective customers may change their minds or worse, forget all about the fact that they are in the loop! You cannot blame the customers/clients, more so if it is a B2B project. Your contacts are more likely to be busy with numerous other things on their plate. It is your responsibility to keep the lead warm. That is where lead nurturing services come in.

Opton Infocom Services has different procedures for lead nurturing. We generally follow up on leads by telemarketing calls for B2C projects, and emails for the B2B ones. Following up leads takes care of various loopholes in the lead generation cycle. When the outbound call center desk hands over the leads to sales, the leads are still active and verified to convert to sales. Our lead nurturing team keeps the channels of communication open, by writing and talking to them. Our emails are specially written to communicate with prospective leads and make them feel good about being associated with your brand. We believe that from the time of the initiation to the completion of the sales cycle, there are several stages. Our emails are drafted keeping this basic marketing point in mind. For example, we send different emails to the fresh leads, as opposed to those that are nearing the end of the cycle.
The importance of lead nurturing is immense in the context of telemarketing services. The sales team falters to convert many of these leads into sales because the customers are not ready to buy. It could also be that the large gap in time that you have allowed to touch base with them has planted doubt in their minds. You cannot rule out of the possibility of the contact talking to your competitors or rivals. You have to be on your toes all the time and keep talking to the contacts. Look for occasions to trigger conversations with these leads. Social media networks can be very useful platforms for lead nurturing. Our BPO agents get in touch with the leads on our list and interact with them on a regular basis. We actively try to keep the lead intact while also pushing for cross selling and up selling opportunities, if there are any.
Lead nurturing processes used by Opton Infocom Services:

  • Follow-up telemarketing calls to keep communication chains alive
  • Email marketing to ensure that B2B contacts are aware of the impending sales call
  • Social media marketing to keep the prospective customers informed about updates and new developments in price tags, offers and discounts
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After facing a mountain of hurdles last month, the company has successfully achieved a major milestone. It is now at par with its Providend Fund, ESI, & P-Tax Compliance.

All credit for this goes to the Director, Asst. Manager, and Jr. Accountant who teamed up and burned the midnight oil for the entire month to ensure that the employees covered under PF, ESI & P-Tax are taken care of.

Rewards & Recognition!.

Congratulations to the Web Team for achieving yet another milestone. The Product Analysis Report is up and running in the company's CRM.

Congratulations to the Lead Generation Team for their consistency.

The Operations & IT-Tech Team efforts have always been commendable.

Hope the Operations Team enjoyed their day out at the movies this month.