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Database Services: Optimized Lead Generation and Telemarketing
Databases are the assets of every call center. Without a cleansed database, the lead generation department is rendered ineffective. Opton Infocom Services is instrumental in cleansing the database from false entries and optimizing the database for better sales lead generation. We help you analyze your data and make them better vehicles to carry your sales graph ahead. We build up ways in which you can add more customers to your database. We also tell you how to mobilize your inactive existing customers into making purchases all over again.
Opton Infocom Services takes care to ensure that you get efficient database services from us. We are experts in data collection, data mining and data updating. We believe in streamlining the processes in a way that gives your firm a competitive edge in the business that you do. Our BPO agents place follow-up calls and nurture your leads to get new customers and subscribers in the kitty. Our database services will be crucial to you when you are looking at market surveys. We categorize and sort out your data to facilitate the outbound call center department. We keep your database updated and free from spam traps and bots.
Take a quick glance at what database services from Opton Infocom Services do for you:
  • Configure and install your database in record time
  • Can handle high volume of data (updates up to 50,000 records) and also data recovery
  • Comfortable with online and offline database services
  • Technical knowledge to handle different kinds of servers and data banks
  • Offer the convenience of database networking through online means, across different branches of your business establishment
  • Round the clock database monitoring with regular updates of the data bank
  • Knowledgeable database programmers manage your database
  • Proven track record of successfully providing database services to reputed clients
  • Database development and systematic access to make it convenient for you and your clients
Database services are necessary for any business network that wants to get into making telemarketing calls or even email marketing. The telecommunication departments of various countries are very strict when it comes to maintaining the privacy of subscribers signed up for the national Do Not Call (DNC) lists. We help you get rid of those numbers from your database. That will save you plenty of complications with the violation of laws governing telemarketing services. In case of email marketing, a clean database means you can go through restrictions imposed by ISPs and ESPs. They will block your domain if you keep emailing people who have already unsubscribed from your database. We help you get rid of those email ids from your mailing list. Our dynamic processes strike them off on the fly. It’s an online process that works on programs. Manual methods are obsolete at the level of services that we provide.
Database services are necessary for every business that is customer-oriented. You may think that you don’t have a database large enough for us to manage it for you! But the fact remains that unless you analyze, optimize and learn from the data that you already have, you cannot hope to build up on it. You will need our database services to do that.
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Opton Infocom Rising ...

Opton Infocom completed glorious 7 years on 10/09/2018 and we are glad to inform that we have expanded our business out of Kolkata as well.

Now Opton Infocom is in Siliguri with more than 50 seater International BPO within the heart of the Town.

Current Opening with us:

1. Customer Care Executive

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Opton Infocom has successfully completed 1 year in Siliguri and many more are coming....