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Since its inception, Opton Infocom has been setting and raising the standards to prove itself as one of the fastest growing captive centers. Our focus on delivering as promised, combining it with state of the art infrastructure, has proved to be beneficial for widespread client network.

As a growing IT enabled service provider, Opton Infocom believes in keeping pace with the leading giants in the industry, taking every possible step, big and small alike.

Our call center services provide benefits including a skilled team of tech support executives who work on a 24/7 format with sophisticated voice and data communication systems. Our continuous call handling system is fast and reliable. We use dedicated internet connectivity which allows us to serve you round the clock.

We keep our pipeline filled with qualified leads which is significantly essential in today's challenging business environment. A dedicated and consistent Lead Generation team is the key to our survival.

We also have our own dedicated professional web creating team. The huge competitive marketing area is what powers us to equip ourselves using the most powerful creating tools to conquer.

Started as a Proprietorship, Opton Infocom has gradually made its way through to becoming a Private Limited Company.

Leading the way is the Managing Director along with the Center Manager heading the operations, Sales Managers, with the assistance of Team Leaders and Subject Matter Experts, help to nutrute our revenue generating Sales Team.

All playing their part to achieve our common goal.

With our core sales team being driven by the respective team leaders, our motto is to be the Ultimate Option.

With a view to developing, our sales team, the main revenue generating force, Opton Infocom endeavors to keep the process flow streamlined and cut out the frills appreciably.

The steps between problem identification and resolution are simple and easy to understand, though not always easy to implement. There is no place for differentiation here at Opton Infocom and the hierarchy is clearly etched out. Maximization of resources is one of the cornerstones of the work culture at Opton Infocom.

We optimize your productivity with minimum resources. However, we do not compromise on quality in the process. We believe in an organicand transparent structure of hierarchy, with each component forming up a team that works as one unit.

Opton Infocom works this way:

4 sales teams managed by one Team Leader each. Responsibility of the team lies with the Team Leader who reports to the Asst. Manager - Sales.

The Division Managers heads 3 core divisions. Namely, Sales, Administration, and IT.

Continuous improvement on projects and processes is followed by the Operations Manager and Shift Manager.

Business development, Training and Stringent QC checks to ensure quality and positive feedback is monitored by the Manager and Asst. Manager - Training and Business Development.

Overall operating system to take care of scalability, improvement and business intensity and feasibility is looked after by the Managing Director along with the Center Manager.

With a two-way flow of information within the hierarchy, Opton Infocom believes in sharing its revenues with all its employees proportionately.

Keeping that in mind, transparency in all areas of operation has been our key to success.

In terms of our operations with our clients, we maintain the same transparency throughout.
Induction into our team, involves the following steps: 1. Planning

2. Training

3. MIS/Analytics

4. Floor Management

5. Performance Management Through Quality Analysis.
The making, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization in order to solve a problem or perform a specific function or the collection of all such tools, machinery, and procedures is what Opton Infocom would define as Technology.

We combine all of these resources.

"We Build Our Own Technology."